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European Youth Parliament Event – April 2021

2BHITN 2020/21

Benedikt Rako, Todor Lankov and Aron Milojevic from class 2BHITN report on their participation in EYP Digital Session Styria from 16 to 18 April 2021.

EYP digital session events are held for young people from European countries who gather together to debate global issues in small groups. We took part in an event hosted by EYP Styria which connected students from schools across Europe and lasted for three days. You can read about the topics we addressed in the image included in this post. Each day we did different activities related to the topics allocated to our committees. We were split into three different committees to make sure we worked with students from different countries.

The first day was spent playing games to break the ice between the members of our committees. Saturday was a very exhausting day because we spent in total over nine hours working, with small breaks sprinkled in between. We started the day with coffee and gathering ideas about our given topics. Then by sorting, judging and discussing the ideas and generating even more ideas, we arrived at our OCs (Operative Clauses), which are the actions or recommendations made in a resolution.

The next day all the committees joined together for the GA (General Assembly). In a nutshell, the GA is a meeting where other committees get to criticize your OCs and your committee gets to defend itself. After many rounds of open debate, where the criticizing and defending took place, EYP Digital Session Styria came to an end with a final ceremony involving all the committees.

We all had a lot of fun, made new friends and improved our English skills.