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Our Virtual Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

4AHITN 2020/21

Mersed Kečo, Johannes Polzer, Richard Panzer and Felix Fuhl were our Euroscola ambassadors.

Since September 2019 our school has been a European Parliament Ambassador School. Normally SZU takes a class to Strasbourg to spend a day at the European Parliament and take part in a Euroscola session, where students debate topics with other young people from all over Europe. But this year due to COVID, our class 4AHITN attended the virtual Euroscola session on 12 March 2021.

The topic for discussion was Strengthening EU Solidarity in times of emergency: do we need to commit more? With the support of our teachers Mr. Harald Dassler, Mrs. Andrea Schaffer and Mrs. Elisabeth Schaludek-Paletschek, we contributed our ideas in English, using the online platforms Interactio and Sli.do.

The session began with a video welcome by the President of the European Parliament, Mr. David Maria SASSOLI. Following that there was a virtual tour of the EU Parliament, during which we learned some interesting facts. The Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mrs. Katarina Barley, took time out of her busy schedule to answer the students’ questions about things like how students can help in the COVID-crisis and different school systems in Europe.

The main ‘innovation lab’ debate involved submitting our suggestions for discussion topics using Sli.do where participants could ‘like’ other people’s suggestions. The result was a list of the top ten ideas.

Have a look at the enclosed video and examples of statements of the „Euroscola Online – 12th March 2021“