Colourful everyday life


Bunter Alltag

In the student dormitory Juchgasse, there are nine groups, each with about 10 young people living in the centre of Vienna. Each group has about 400 m² of barrier-free living space available, and a social education worker from a team of 3-4 people is also available to students from lunch until the start of the next school day. Compared to other boarding schools, the social education workers have sufficient time to offer each student individual care and attention.

A social education worker is on duty every morning–care can also be provided during class time.

Our young women, young men, and co-educational groups have one thing in common: in the single, double, and common rooms, it is often fun and cheerful enough that many students decide to stay in Vienna during the weekends.

Friendships and groups of friends develop, groups travel together with their educational teams, celebrations are held, and young people or educators organize activities such as home band, LAN parties, creative workshops, and excursions.

The sports field, the garden and the swimming pool, with the supervision of a social education worker, are available to work off energy.

A central and common goal is, of course, a successfully completed education. To this end, there is also individual support available.

Fresh meals are prepared in the large dormitory kitchen twice per day. There are three options to choose from, one of which is vegetarian. Each group has a fully-equipped kitchen for individual joint cooking.

Bed linens and small towels can be brought with or can be provided on site. Please bring large bath towels yourself. Each group has a washing machine and dryer for personal laundry.

Internet and Computers
Each resident has his or her own in-room internet connection. The costs for this are included in the infrastructure contribution of 20 EUR per year.

If necessary, a computer can be provided.

Care, Assistance, Therapy, and Advice
Nursing assistance or other physical or sensory disability-related services are available to those who need them via qualified health and nursing staff and social education workers.

Physiotherapy, hippotherapy, and Powergolf are available, regardless of whether the training is completed at SZU. Speech therapy, occupational therapy and similar services can be organized by the educational team when necessary.

A school psychologist offers advice on academic and extracurricular questions at regular intervals.