Guiding Principle

We offer a coexistence of young people in the years of training and growing up, supervised by people who are companions for independence, self-determination, and creative living.


Boarding House Guiding Principle

We accompany and support young people from the 9th school level onwards in their development into independent and responsible members of society.

We promote the integrative coexistence of our residence in disability and youth-friendly environment.

Living together enables personal development.

Young people find stability in our organization.

We offer a high level of professional and social competence and qualifications and thus meet new challenges every day.

We are characterized by commitment and willingness to train.

We offer space for individual contribution.

We support academic development, as well as training and continuing education by introducing and guiding you to independence, personal responsibility, and self-initiative.

We create a family living space with our residents and are committed to working with parents and teachers.

We promote social competence and individuality through the family safety network with an extensive therapy program.

We want to achieve the acceptance and integration of our residents with special needs in public.

We encourage the participation of our residents in public life.

Through school education, as well as through socio-educational, nursing, and medical care, residents are guided to the greatest possible independence.

We live integration.

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