Social pedagogy

Education, Training and Development are our Concerns


Companionship into independence

In addition to 34 qualified social education workers, our pedagogical staff consists of employees with additional university education in pedagogy, special education, psychology, and didactics.

The team includes educators with continuing training in special education. Additionally, the knowledge and skills of other training and continuing education can flow into daily work: pedagogues have degrees or have completed training in the areas of supervision, psychotherapy, psychology, coaching, educational counselling and vocational orientation training, process management for vocational rehabilitation, counselling for accessibility, art therapy, motor pedagogy, early learning, learning training, nature education, dyslexia training, sign language, etc.

They bring diverse professional experience from the social and socio-medical field (childcare homes, child and youth psychiatry, crisis centres, asylum centres, schools, counselling centres…) but also from the world of business.

This knowledge flows into the daily work with students and supports the process of becoming independent: live, feel well, grow.

Leisure courses such as ceramics, painting, leading the home band, and sports activities are also offered.