The School Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse

The School Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse is unique with eight different types of education and training under one roof. We take pride in our main objective of educating students with physical or sensory impairments together with students without impairments.


The School Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse consists of two Technical Colleges: a Technical College for Information Technology – Network Engineering and a Technical College for Industrial Management and Industrial Engineering. The educational and training programme lasts five years and the final exam allows students to study at a University or Advanced Technical College.

A four-year Technical School for Mechanical and Production Engineering, a three-and-a-half-year Technical School for Information Technology – Network Engineering and a three-and-a-half-year Technical School for Leather Design complete the educational and training programmes in the technical sector.

The rather small size of our school building, in comparison to other schools, provides intense and committed individual student support as well as excellent education and training. The best evidence pointing towards this fact is the good job prospects and academic results of our graduates.


The business department naturally focuses on economic education and training, although a big emphasis is placed on general knowledge, languages, and the advancement of creativity. The College of Business Administration programme lasts five years, after which the final exam determines the graduates´ ability to study further at a University or Advanced Business College. The School of Business Administration programme lasts three years and its comprehensive education and training enables its graduates to begin work immediately or to continue education and training in the Austrian school system (e.g. three-year add-on course ending with an A-level/SATs).

Furthermore, the education and training spectrum within the business department includes a one-year orientation course specifically for those who have physical, visual and acoustic impairments.


We prioritize students with physical or sensory impairments who are similarly taught according to the national curriculum that is valid throughout Austria, but they are provided with additional personal and technical support. Students with and without impairments alike benefit from this system of integrated teaching. Accessibility for students with disabilities aids the quality of this form of teaching. Spacious and well-equipped classrooms also provide pedagogical advantages.

Moreover, students are taught in smaller groups with additional teachers in virtually all subjects. Through integrated classroom learning, students with impairments receive the only educational opportunity of its kind in Austria. Students without impairments simultaneously acquire specialist vocational education along with sustainable social competence.