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Diversity and European Integration

SZU 2019/20

‚LIVE‘ in the European Parliament Hemicycle in Strasbourg

On the 25th of October, over 500 high school students from 25 EU countries, including 20 SZU students from classes 4AHITN and 5AHITN, gathered in the European Parliament hemicycle in Strasbourg for a Euroscola Day.
For a day, they put themselves in the shoes of an MEP, putting forward their proposals, debating and voting.
They also had the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the @EuropeanParliament Vice-President .
It was undoubtedly an enriching day for our students, full of new experiences focusing on diversity and European integration.

„The European Union cannot be unknown to the youth. It was created for them. We must increase their involvement in the European debate, showing concrete examples that characterise diversity and solidarity.“ – David Sassoli
(see also various pictures, EYP_201902)