Great Additional Qualification for the CVs of 3AFITN Students

2022/23 Congratulations to the eleven students of 3AFITN who took the Cambridge PET Exam at the Cambridge Institute in Vienna this year on 19 April 2023. By going the extra mile, they ensure that they will have a valuable qualification … Weiterlesen

Women and Technology – the Perfect Match

2022/23 On 11 May 2023 several female pupils from SZU’s department of technology went to an event about promoting women in the technology sector, hosted by the telecommunications company A1.   We had a brilliant opportunity to meet successful women … Weiterlesen

SZU Joins Europe Day Event at Parliament

2022/23 On 4 May 2023 the Austrian Parliament invited students to commemorate the founding of the European Union at a special ceremony. This anniversary was marked with speeches, musical performances, and a workshop about the EU and how it works … Weiterlesen

Besuch bei Umweltunternehmen myssion

4AHWII 2022/23 Die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 4AHWII hatten kürzlich die Gelegenheit, das Umweltunternehmen myssion zu besuchen, das sich direkt in der Nähe unserer Schule am Rennweg befindet. Wir waren beeindruckt von ihrer Arbeit und ihrem Engagement für die Umwelt. … Weiterlesen

4AHWII Joins Live Link-Up with Strasbourg

4AHWII 2022/23 On Thursday 4 May 2023, students from class 4AHWII participated in an exciting event that involved a video conference with the Youth Parliament in Strasbourg. The event aimed to promote youth participation in politics and encourage young people … Weiterlesen

Junior Company EcoEdi gewinnt den Sonderpreis für soziale und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit

2022/23 SZU beim Landeswettbewerb erneut erfolgreich.   Beim diesjährigen Landeswettbewerb der Junior Companies am 16. Mai in der Wirtschaftskammer Wien wurde EcoEdi mit dem Sonderpreis für soziale und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit ausgezeichnet. Die Jury würdigte das Engagement der Schüler*innen, sich auf … Weiterlesen

English in Action as a World Language in Malta

4AHITN, 4BHITN 2022/23 Classes 4AHITN and 4BHITN had the incredible opportunity to go on a language trip to Malta, which took place from 24th March to 31st March 2023. We were excited to explore the island and immerse ourselves in … Weiterlesen

Model United Nations – OBERMun Triest

2022/23 Students from SZU (classes 3AHWII, 4AHWII, 5AHWII) took part in the OBERMun Model United Nations event held in Triest in April 2023. They played an important role in this event organized by a grammar school in Triest called the … Weiterlesen

International Student Junior Company Festival

4AHWII 2022/23 17th April to 20th April 2023, Rīga, Latvia: On 17th April four students from class 4AHWII had the chance to present their simulated company EcoEdi, which makes eco-friendly lunch boxes, at an international festival held in Rīga, Latvia. The … Weiterlesen

European Youth Parliament National Session 2023 in Graz: Debates, Media and Friendships

2022/23 Marco Spellas (4AHITN) had the amazing opportunity to attend Austria’s largest European Youth Parliament (EYP) session, which took place in Graz in April 2023. It started with the teambuilding for the officials on Thursday, who were the jury members, … Weiterlesen

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