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English in Action as a World Language in Malta

4AHITN, 4BHITN 2022/23

Classes 4AHITN and 4BHITN had the incredible opportunity to go on a language trip to Malta, which took place from 24th March to 31st March 2023. We were excited to explore the island and immerse ourselves in the local culture while improving our language skills.

During our stay, we visited lots of amazing sites around Malta, including the stunning capital city of Valletta and the beautiful island of Gozo. We were able to learn about the rich history and traditions of Malta and practice our English with the friendly locals we met. Our C1 English course at Link Language School was challenging yet rewarding, and we were proud to take home the attendance certificates at the end of the week. We all worked hard and had a great time.

Our home base for the trip was in the lively town of San Ġiljan, where we stayed with local families. It was an amazing way to experience the Maltese way of life, and we enjoyed getting to know our hosts and trying out some of their traditional food.

Despite facing a 22-hour flight delay on the day we were supposed to go home, we made the most of the situation and continued to bond with each other, sharing stories and creating memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Overall our language trip to Malta was a truly unforgettable experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to broaden our horizons and explore a new and diverse culture. We would like to thank our school for organizing such an amazing trip, and we hope that future classes will be given the same opportunity.