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A Chance to Travel Abroad Once Again

2022/23 4AHWII

Class 4AHWII were the first class from our school to go abroad since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Dublin was the destination for our language trip in mid-November 2022, that produced lots of magical moments. Well prepared with an EU event partly held in English the week before, which included a presentation about Ireland, we had the chance to gain many new experiences in the Republic.

We stayed with host families which was a great way of getting to know Irish people and the local culture. In the afternoons we attended a B2 English course at a Language School called CES DUBLIN. While exploring the city we soaked up the Irish culture and language, for instance the street signs and official buildings are signposted in both English and Gaelic, the indigenous Irish language. We made some trips into the countryside by mini-bus and public transport, which allowed us to experience some of the beautiful scenery.

When we returned to Vienna a week later, our happy faces showed our teachers how satisfied and thankful we were for this memorable adventure.

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