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European Youth Parliament Day with Special Focus on Ireland

2022/23 4AHWII

On 11 November 2022 the students from class 4AHWII had the opportunity to find out more about the EU at a European Youth Parliament Day held at our school. Several different speakers took the time to present some important EU topics and answer our questions.

First, Paul Rübig talked about how important participation in democracy is for Austria’s youth, because today’s young people will have to live with the decisions made now in the future. The next speaker from Linz addressed the topics of energy efficiency and environmental protection, which are now more important than ever. After a short break with excellent cake for everyone, the class was introduced to Ireland, where our class was about to go on a trip, by an Irish EYP Member via video call. This was a great chance to ask all our questions about this beautiful country before we set off the following week. Up next were two journalists who highlighted the importance of freedom of speech which is an essential component of democracy. Finally, we could ask Jürgen Czernohorszky, Vienna’s city councillor for climate, environment and democracy, any questions we had on these issues. A lunch with several different types of wraps ended this interesting day, full of fascinating new information.

@Felix Hofer (4AHWII)