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European Youth Parliament National Session 2023 in Graz: Debates, Media and Friendships


Marco Spellas (4AHITN) had the amazing opportunity to attend Austria’s largest European Youth Parliament (EYP) session, which took place in Graz in April 2023.

It started with the teambuilding for the officials on Thursday, who were the jury members, chairpersons, organisers or members of the media team, which I belonged to. Continuing with the actual start of the session on Friday, the delegates arrived and so a weekend full of work began. The evening was followed by an opening ceremony in Graz City Hall, with some welcoming words from the interesting speakers.

On Saturday and Sunday, the delegates worked hard on the main goal of the session, the Resolution. This document contains everyone’s opinions on, solutions to, and problems associated with the topics of the various committees. In the meantime, the media team was eagerly trying to capture every highlight of the event on camera, so that the participant would have something to remember it by. But still, taking pictures was, of course, not the only responsibility of the media team members. Each of us had a task to complete. Some created a short video, some designed posters and some produced creatively designed booklets. And the big reason for all of this was to give every participant some mementoes of the event while at the same time working on our modern media production skills.

The final day was the General Assembly. There were heated debates, impressive speeches and in the end some tears and touching goodbyes. All that hard work finally paid off, leaving many lasting impressions. I took away memories that I will always look back on and got to know people from all over Europe that I can now call my friends.

– Marco Spellas (4AHITN)