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International Student Junior Company Festival

4AHWII 2022/23

17th April to 20th April 2023, Rīga, Latvia: On 17th April four students from class 4AHWII had the chance to present their simulated company EcoEdi, which makes eco-friendly lunch boxes, at an international festival held in Rīga, Latvia.

The International Student Junior Company Festival gathered together young people from across Europe representing 46 simulated companies. They could visit informative sessions about online platforms for improving product sales, which was a great learning opportunity for our young entrepreneurs. The festival was a perfect opportunity for the participants of multiple countries to improve their English skills. The organizers also set up a trade fair, where the teams could showcase their products to a broader audience. Concluding with an awards ceremony that recognized the teams‘ exceptional efforts, all the participants took home fond memories of the event.

Aside from participating in the festival, the students of 4AHWII explored Rīga’s historic centre and visited the nearby seaside town of Jūrmala, making it an unforgettable trip.

(Written by Franz Kluwik, Sebastian Damm, Felix Hofer, Mathias Muth, Julian Wollein)