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Imagine all the people livin‘ life in peace …

2BHITN 2020/21

Wrapping up the academic school year with yet another European Youth Parliament (EYP) highlight – the Digital National Session Vienna
written by Todor Lankov and Philipp Recknagel

We were able to take advantage of a great educational opportunity, the Digital National Session Vienna. Unlike its predecessor, the Digital Regional Session Styria, this EYP event spanned four days including the creation of Operative Clauses (OCs) and Introductory Clauses (ICs). In typical EYP style the Digital National Session comprised mini events where the delegates could interact and share campfire stories. Innovative digital tools like Slack, Miro and Gather.Town were used to enhance the experience and make memories unforgettable.

The goal of the first day was to acquaint the committees with each other. This was achieved by playing team-building games and establishing communication between the delegates. Before that, however, an informative overview containing all the required information about the event’s schedule was given to the participants.

Days two and three were spent constructing the OCs and ICs, following a process where we gathered the ideas and rated them as a committee. After some paraphrasing, we eventually ended up with the formulated OCs and ICs. The whole procedure took a total of about 15 hours of work, but the results speak for themselves.

Everything until this point was leading up to the main event, the General Assembly (GA). Everyone was nervous because there were more than one hundred people watching at the same time. The GA is the place where each committee presents its ICs and OCs. Other committees can either criticize or praise the Resolution proposed by the presenting committee. The event ended after the last committee had presented its resolution.

We are very proud that we could make new friends, achieve academic success, and experience direct democracy.

Further information under the following link: https://www.instagram.com/eypaustria/