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Our Educational EU Journey at SZU Draws to a Close


Our names are Todor LANKOV, Philipp RECKNAGEL and Aron MILOJEVIC and we are SZU’s Senior EU Youth Parliament Ambassadors. Once again we went to the annual discussion event for young people at the EU-Haus in Vienna, which this year was with EU-Parliament Vice-President, Evelyn Regner, and EU-Commissioner for Social Matters, Nicolas Schmit, and focused on the topic of creating a sustainable future for societies.

It took place on 12 October 2023 and we had the opportunity not only to participate but also to ask a variety of questions. Even though it was just the three of us and every other school had sent entire classes, we were able to draw on all our experience and maturity and ended up asking the most questions of any school. We questioned the two politicians about their opinions on topics such as a further EU expansion, electric cars and their impact on the environment, preparations by the Parliament and the Commission for the upcoming EU elections in 2024, as well as giving Austrian men the option to postpone their mandatory military service so they can do it after they have finished university.

The answers we received from the two EU representatives sparked interesting discussion among the audience and led to some of the highlights of the morning. Although we are in our last year of Technical College and we have lots of work to do, we are having a great time because we are able to mix up our normal schoolwork with these EU focused activities.

(written by Todor, Philipp and Aron, all from class 5BHITN)