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Class 4BHITN at the Health and Mind Festival – The Mind-Body Connection

4BHITN 2023/24

A lucky few from class 4BHITN had a great time at the ‘Health and Mind’ festival on 9 November 2023. ‘Health and Mind’ in the event’s title referred to the close relationship between physical well-being and mental health. The festival approached health in a holistic way, considering not only the body but also mental and emotional factors. Taking care of both the body and the mind is essential for a balanced and fulfilling life.

The Health and Mind Festival took place at the Sofiensäle in the third district of Vienna. There were stimulating talks delivered by well-known experts and personalities as well as an exhibition, stands offering healthy food and musical performances. We are grateful to Ms Schaludek-Paletschek for this opportunity. In return for helping out with the preparations the day before, we were given free tickets.

The prominent speakers and public figures taking part included the businessman Ali Mahlodji, happiness expert Maike van den Boom, businesswoman and start-up investor Katharina Schneider and Robert Kratky from Ö3, who all talked about issues related to maintaining good mental health.

The talks and workshops were about key skills and strategies in a time of AI and permacrisis, focusing on how to remain in touch with your humanity. A common theme was that we should hold onto our kindness and understanding even as technology advances and the world becomes more unpredictable. In the working world staying mentally fit requires a positive mindset, which is super important for successfully adapting to change. Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after the body is for an athlete.

All in all, the festival managed to successfully raise awareness about the importance of soft skills as well as the mind-body connection for rewarding private and professional lives.

(written by Ahmethan Özbek, SZU School Representative)