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SZU students celebrate their Cambridge English exam results

2AK, 2BK, 2CK, 4AHWII, 4BHITN 2021/22

On 12 November 2021, students collected their certificates for the Cambridge English language exams which they had taken earlier in the year. As well as language skills, passing these exams requires discipline and perseverance on the one hand and digital competence on the other. These students have again proven that they have the motivation and strength to pursue and reach their goals even in challenging times.

Ms. Ines Hawkins from the Cambridge Institute Vienna handed the certificates over to our proud students in a small ceremony that has become somewhat of an in-house tradition at our school. This year the exams taken ranged from the Business English exam BEC Preliminary (B1) to the General English FCE (B2) and CAE (C1) language exams, which is particularly noteworthy.

The chance to wear a mortarboard at the ceremony not only gives the students self-confidence but also shows them that all the hard work was worth it. Our Head Teacher Ms. Martina Mikovits, who takes the time to attend the event each year, was as delighted as the students when they were experiencing the magic moment of stress release when throwing their graduation hats in the air.

Fingers crossed that the next generation of SZU students will follow this example and register for one of the exams as quickly as possible.