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UNESCO School Exchange with Oberdan Grammar School in Triest


Students from SZU went on a short trip to the lovely city of Triest in October 2023. The participants were Jaqueline Zima, Kristina Piegler, James Sun, Simon Poppe and Samuel Kramer from class 3AHWIIl, as well as three students from class 5AHWII, Sebastion Damm, Matthias Muth and Felix Hofer.

Our adventure started with a long coach journey on 5 October 2023. After six hours on the road, we were welcomed by students of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Guglielmo Oberdan grammar school. The normal reason for our school to visit them is the OBERmun UN event, but this time we were invited to watch the Barcolana international sailing regatta in Triest. It is one of the most outstanding events in Triest and surely a highlight for everyone who is interested in sailing.

After we were welcomed by the Italian students at the coach station, we checked in to our hotel for the next four nights. It was already getting late, so we went to a nice restaurant right on the Triest canal for some refreshments.

On Friday, we visited Oberdan grammar school – dressed in traditional Austrian clothes – for some lessons which were held for us. Starting the school day with a small breakfast, brought by the students, we had some science lessons. The highlight of the day was the visit to the mayor of Triest in the town hall, which was reported by the local newspaper as front page news!

We started the Saturday together with our Italian hosts to visit one of the sightseeing highlights of Triest, Miramare Castle. Built for members of the Austrian Habsburg family as a holiday destination, its grounds and buildings still look as beautiful today as when they were completed in 1867.

Finally, Sunday had come and everybody was excited about the main event. Getting up early to get a great view of the sea, nobody could wait for the start of the regatta. Sadly, the wind did not play along and the race had to be stopped after the first yacht reached the finish line. But this did not stop the students enjoying their last day in Triest.

The day of departure started with packing our last few things and buying snacks for the coach journey home.  Our thoughts were still in the beautiful city of Triest and with our lovely hosts as we sat in the coach on our way back to Vienna.

(Written by Samuel Kramer)