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European Youth Parliament: Regional Session in Linz, March 2022

2021/22 3AHITN, 3BHITN

First post-lockdown meet up and looking to the future
by Todor Lankov, Philipp Recknagel and Aaron Milevojevic (3BHITN)

The organising team of the regional session in Linz worked very hard to make sure we had a great  EYP experience. Picking the Brucknerhaus concert hall as the main venue for the event was an amazing idea as it provided not only the required space for all the committees, but also an appropriate environment for our work. On Friday we were invited to a podium discussion at Johannes Kepler Universität about making the economy more climate friendly. For the General Assembly on Sunday, the Redoutensaal was chosen. The majestic hall felt very welcoming and fitting for the purpose. All in all, we were provided with very useful input and the inspiring atmosphere resulted in an unforgettable experience.

English helping to bring people together
by Marco Spellas and Josip Juric (3AHITN)

This event showed us how many different people from various countries can come together and interact with each other, sharing stories about their different backgrounds and cultures. For this a universal language was needed, showing the value of English as a lingua franca, allowing young people from across Europe to discuss issues which are crucially important for the future of the European Union and the whole world: economic and monetary affairs; employment and social affairs; environment, public health and food safety; women’s rights and gender equality.

We had lively debates, often culminating in opposing opinions on certain topics, but eventually after all our pitches and discussions, we came up with a harmonious resolution, which we are very proud of. At the closing ceremony after the General Assembly everyone joined hands and formed a circle to sing the unofficial European anthem, Imagine by John Lennon.