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Just Act Now!


On 14 October 2022 four of our students were chosen to take part in a European Youth Parliament workshop.

This workshop was all about empowering young people to bring about change in the world, since 2022 is the European Year of Youth. This year people should make a special effort to support Generation Z and try to guide them and help them to achieve their goals.

There was a tightly packed schedule, so the participants got straight down to business. A lot of young politicians came and told their stories about how hard it was to gain respect in a world where young people are not always heard. There were a lot of important topics to discuss, such as LGBTQ+ iss  ues, the European economy, youth in general and climate change. Especially climate change engaged the young audience. Also a lot of climate activists and politicians were asked to join the stage and tell their sides of the story. There were a lot of fascinating discussions and conversations. The workshop ended with the message that young people should just start taking action now instead of waiting until they are older or waiting for the right moment. There will never be a right moment.

@Sebastian Damm (4AHWII)