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SZU Joins Europe Day Event at Parliament


On 4 May 2023 the Austrian Parliament invited students to commemorate the founding of the European Union at a special ceremony. This anniversary was marked with speeches, musical performances, and a workshop about the EU and how it works at the EU House in Vienna. Our school was lucky enough to be invited to this joyous occasion.

Many prominent politicians and public figures held speeches and highlighted the achievements of the EU over the past decades. The accompanying workshop at the EU House was attended by a diverse group of people who were given the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the EU and talk to MEPs who came to Austria just for the event.

The workshop covered a range of topics, including the history and evolution of the EU, its institutions and decision-making processes, and the role of the EU in promoting peace, security, and human rights. The participants were also able to take part in discussions and ask questions about the EU and its policies.

Overall the ceremony highlighted the need for togetherness and dialogue among member states and stressed the importance of young people’s participation in the upcoming EU elections in 2024.

Written by Sebastian Damm (4AHWII)